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Cheri Sykes — leader, arranger, keyboards, vocals. Cheri does the band’s musical arrangements and is its major domo and driving force. She’s also a ferocious keyboard soloist! Cheri is especially proud that Garrison Keillor has chosen her as his on-call pianist for parties hosted in his St. Paul home. She teaches piano and guitar to dozens of students in her studio in Osseo, Minnesota.
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Barbara Meyer — vocals, percussion. When you hear Barbara sing, you’ll understand right away that some of her major influences are Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, and Carole King. Barbara has Dinah’s vocal range, Billie’s emotional range, and Carole’s confidence — a very special blend. Barbara can sing anything — gospel, standards, funk, the blues, Broadway, or you name it! She also fronts her own band and is a member of a Twin Cities cabaret singers’ group. As a musician, Barbara has toured North America, Latin America, Europe, and Korea. She also leads art and architecture tours in North America and Europe for Road Scholar, an educational travel organization.
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Ralph Hintz — guitar, vocals. Ralph has been with Wild Honey from its inception in ’98. He’s also been a member of The Castaways for about 30 years — remember “Liar, Liar,” their international hit from the 60s?. Ralph is an incredibly versatile guitarist. Jazz, rock, blues, funk — he’s got all those chops and more. One of his most exciting musical moments was when the Castaways opened for the legendary Bo Diddley and he got to hang with Bo backstage.
Jeff Vigness — drums and percussion. In 2013, Jeff published his first book, How to Play in a Rock or Jazz Band — a natural result of his two music degrees and many years of performing. In addition to Wild Honey, Jeff is a member of the Rochester Minnesota Symphony Orchestra. Among his musical influences, he lists Bruce Springsteen, The Police …. and Gustav Mahler! Jeff is a marathon runner and gym rat who insisted that his bio must include this quote: “There ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter.”
Dick Kronick — upright and electric bass. With years of study in both orchestral string bass and jazz bass, Dick keeps the lower end of Wild Honey’s musical range in excellent working order. He also fronts his own jazz ensemble, The Kronick Quartet. Dick will never forget the thrill of sitting in with the legendary Muddy Waters Band in 1969 at the Cozy Bar, then a hot spot in North Minneapolis’s African American club scene. Dick is also a freelance writer and an architectural historian who leads architecture tours worldwide.
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